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    Dr Vivek Mahesh Agrawal is one of the young and dynamic Neurosurgeon in Nagpur and widely known for his work in Vidarbha, in the field of brain and spine surgery. He has completed M.Ch (Neurosurgery) from B. J. Medical College And Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. M.S (Gen. Surgery) from NHL Municiple Medical College and V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad and  MBBS from Nagpur.

    B. J. Medical college and Civil hospital, Ahmedabad is one of the busiest centre for Neuro-Surgery in India performing around 200 cases in a month. There he developed very fine skills in managing brain and spine cases in a very hectic three years. He further acquired Neuro- endoscopic surgery skills by completing fellowship programme in Neuro-endoscopy.
    He has worked as assistant professor at Raipur medical college, Chhatisgarh as well as at GMC and Superspeciality hospital, Nagpur for more than 3 years.

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    Spine Clinic in Shahdol

    Spinal fusion is generally a safe and easy procedure. But as with any surgery, spinal fusion carries the potential risk and more complications.

    It is important that you carefully follow any instructions from your doctor relating to the warning signs of blood clots and infection in treatment. These complications are most likely to occur during the first few weeks after surgery you need more precautions.

    Spine surgery allows surgeons to decompress, move and fix vertebral structures, and replace them if necessary. Back surgery is an option to consider when conservative treatments have not worked and the pain remains persistent and prevents the development of a normal life.

    This surgery is used to relieve pain associated with a compressed nerve in the spine. The surgeon cuts away bone at the sides of your vertebrae to widen the space where nerves exit your spine. The extra room may relieve pressure on the nerves and ease your pain.

    Potential complications include:

    • Infection
    • Poor wound healing
    • Injury to blood vessels or nerves in and around the spine
    • Bleeding
    • Blood clots
    • Pain at the site from which the bone graft is taken